Monday, 10 May 2010



As I am not a frequent visitor to this blog I had not moved material earlier.

I had been aware that someone claimed to be Elaine Grossart had left messages asking for redaction of some names etc. I now know that it was in fact Elaine Grossart and she had made every effort she could think of to have material removed.

Numerous people have commented on how true they have found this blog and they were of the opinion that it may well have been posted by Hamish Grossart or on his behalf by lawyers working for him.

I can assure you that is not the case though some of the material posted on this blog and his own at: has obviously been supplied by his business colleagues past and present and his lawyers - a man of his nature makes many enemies and buys few friends!

I have removed various items and even so Elaine Grossart has no idea who is controlling this blog!!

Clearly I know the parties involved and clearly there are leaks of legal documents to me by people close to the Grossarts - Hamish as an individual disgusts me and I see no difference between his abuse of women and children and that of the drunken docker who beats his wife ignoring the obvious cowardice - just as does Hamish Grossart.

Note I am unaware of ANY effort by Hamish Grossart or the lawyers exploiting his sickness to contact me or have one word of this blog altered - as all is true there were of courtse no grounds save those used by Mrs. Grossart but obviously her ex-husband would not have acted in the interest of his children in fact he would be most unlikely to act in anyone's interest but his own - Nor did he - now seeking to use my blog as a stick to beat his wife with through the Courts.

Clearly Elaine Grossart does not know I am obtaining this material and posting it here.

I believe the world should be made aware of evil as it erradicates the mystique of people thinking they are the only victims of cowardly and self serving little men.

REMOVED at the request of the children's Mother out of concern for her two minor children and her ex-husband's two adult daughters, who she brought up from a very young age to relative maturity for her ex-husband as he had so damaged his first wife that the duty fell to his new partner.

One can see the same pattern being attempted here.

The malign and dishonest bullying and fear of losing control is not unusual in narcissism it seems.

This reaches, in some cases and this may prove to be one, the level where the Narcissistic Male in his gross insecurity and inadequacy takes the stance of 'if I can't have you no one will'.
This is the extreme manifestation seen in stalkers and particularly men without the moral fibre or strength of personality to cope with their rejection as they set out to destroy those who are unwilling to succumb to the control they determine to excercise.

Such behaviour is nothing more than a manifestation of evil hidden in braggadocio and determination to bend all to their will - in this case with willing lawyers all too willing to feather their nests the Father is determined to strip his wife of dignity, maternity, money and if he can achieve it again sanity!

Hamish Grossart is in my opinion a disgusting excrescence of a man - a total emotional failure incapable of standing on his own feet and within days of separation if not before seeking out his next victim - I regret I can see his latest marque Plum Sterling and her children as nothing more than his next victim in a trail of inadequacy that will continue until his decrepitude leaves him either with some sad woman he has bought or in abject isolation - rarely do the children of such unfortunates rally round seeing the loss of control as their long awaited liberty freeing them from the fear and hatred they have suffered all their lives!

Please be assured that Elaine Grossart hasn't a clue who is posting this blog and clearly she has made extensive efforts, including someone with IT skills who has charged for his services to identify the author.

Be assured there has been absolutely no visible effort on the part of Hamish Grossart to contact me, nor have any of the army of parasitic lawyers he employs to harrass his wife and children.

I do note as a result of one of my informants leaking material from his lawyer's offices (well where do you think I get much of this info!) I gather a main plank of the nasty little man's latest efforts to continue the damage to those who once upon a time respected him in his profligate and irresponsible, venal and vile abuse of the law to buy the result he wants making a mockery of Sheriffs, lawyers and the Courts and a farce of any meaning of the word Justice is to try to pretend that Elaine Grossart is responsible for this blog.

The logic being I presume that is posted by Hamish Grossart because it is titled after him! One has to marvel at the buffoon's logic that he seeks to convince a Scotish Court that his pack of lies is true. Why would I not be surprised when he succeeds when it is so apparent Justice is no more than a commodity in Scotland where verdicts would seem to be bought and sold like Papal Pardons in return for the largesse of the corrupt Lawyers, Banks and Politicians with the £Millions so readily available over many years from corrupt bankers oils the entire Satanic horror show that is the arcane and malign mysogenistic and Masonic septic tank that is Scotland.

It may be apposite at this stage to ask how vermin like Hamish Grossart gain their power see: http?? and ponder the relationships shown and those yet to be exposed.

Explain perhaps how an affinity between Grossart and the apparently ignoble family bank can claim probity when their affilitations would seem to stretch from the now bankrupted RBS to such as financial advice seemingly given to Murray International who seemingly owna hugely indebted footbal team of little asset value and masquerade as steel stock holders - I say masquerade as it does look much as if one would need to bury Scotland knee deep in steel to justify what seems to be a BASE RATE fixed interest £1 Billion loan - I wonder if the fees garnered there would bear scrutiny or is this back to £Multi Million bankers' bonuses and how these charlatans steal the money!

I speak glibly of a £Billion!
A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.

A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.

A £Billion lent to a single firm with no visible substance to justify it from a bank that was bankrupted by the £Multi Millionaires in whose stewardship it was entrusted!

Do not overlook the irrefutable fact that Elaine Grossart was granted a divorce on the grounds of abuse, sexual assault, physical and mental abuse and much more damning evidence in the public domain - her divorce was against the vile, duplicitous, self serving, mean, bullying and narcissistic Hamish Grossart who is now BUYING the Courts with money defrauded from his ex-wife since he was penniless and borrowed money from her when they first met!

Do YOU believe that Hamish Grossart is a fit and proper person to be allowed to go amongst the public unsupervised let alone have custody at ANY time of young children - a man who it has been attested and accepted in Court beat his wife to the ground and urinated on her! A man who exposed himself erect and naked to his young daughter, a man who is a serial adulterter wife beater and abuser.

However much money this egregious piece of filth has should he be in a position to BUY his will from Courts corrupted by their deference to money, status, males and the Masons? I wonder howmany of the people in the Court will have a link and debt to each other through The Masons, The Spec. or similar I hazard a guess that Elaine Grossart will thus be clearly disadvantaged!

Filth like Hamish Grossart all too often are able gratuitously to abuse women and children as does Hamish Grossart.


IF you have sound reason to request the removal of certain details from this blog please do not hesitate to contact me via the Comments section on THIS specific blog and I will CONSIDER your request. If it does not go counter to this blogs' persuit of Justice and exposure of dishonesty, corruption and evil I will consider removing the items.

Do remenber to give the date and title of the item you hope to have editted - thanks.

You will note Duncan Bannatyne saw through this nasty little man Hamish Grossart in short order!